Mobile Cinema Hire Prices

Our Sensible Prices

We have a simple and believe sensible and cost effective pricing structure, for the Hire of our screens*. simply select the size of screen (Please measure), Ensure the location can be reached by our 50m# extensions cable (standard 13amp socket) and give us a call!

* Film Licencing at an extra cost depending on film, ask us for details.
# IF we attend and cannot set up due to poor site or electrical access you will be charge the full rate!

2.71 m Screen Fixed Screen

mobile cinema hire

With a 120" diagonal screen size (2.71 x 147.3 cm) 16:9 aspect ratio.

Our smaller fixed screen is brilliant for using in our darkened Gazebo during the day, or smaller locations.

At £250 per day is is very affordable! As with our larger screen, please ensure there is space for the screen and access to a 13amp socket, plus a 3x3m Gazebo if needed for daytime viewing.

Price plus Mileage (See below)

20' - 6m Inflatable screen

Mobile Cinema Hire

With a 4.75m projection area (13' x 8') 16:9 ratio screen it is perfect for medium sized evening or Indoor events.

£800 per day ( multiple day discounts - ask for details)

Price plus Mileage (see below)

Add our Darkened gazebo for just £100!

Use our 6' screen outdoors during the day, and/or ensure your party/event is weatherproof!

We bring set-up and install our equipment in our weatherproof Black Gazebo.

mobile cinema hire Gazebo
mobile cinema hire

Our travel costs are as simple and low as we can make:

50p per Mile after 50 miles from our base in Derbyshire.

PLUS a £100 accommodation fee on ANY journey OVER 200 miles!

eg: £50 to London or £200 to Plymouth (£100 Mileage + £100 accommodation)
mobile cinema hire
Mobile Cinema Hire

Please check out our film Licencing page for complete details and to ensure your event complies with the LAW!

The costs for licencing a film varies depending on how many people are expected to view it, AND If you are charging for admission.

IT is ILLEGAL to show a film/TV Programme as a public performance without a Licence (WE can get one for you). Gaming is more complicated area so PLEASE ask before organising a 'paid for' gaming event!

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